Lifesaver Essay Writing Contest Program 1

The Lifesaver Essay Writing Contest is currently ongoing . The contest is open to any passionate writer from aroud the world. To apply, candidates must write an essay on one of the given topics. Essay or other required materials must be submitted no later than 30 November 2017.

Award Value

  • 1st prize – $200
  • 2nd prize – $100
  • 3rd prize – $50
  • Weekly Winners – $10 – every week

Award Value

Non – degree program in any discipline.

Place of Study

Not specified.

Eligibility and Criteria

There is no specific requirement. All candidates are only required to follow the given deadline.

Application Deadline
All nationalities are welcome to apply.

Application Instruction
It is mandatory to choose a topic from that list. The list can be found at the website and application link below.

Submission Deadline

30 November 2017.

Method of Application:
Click here to Apply


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