The David Oyedepo Foundation scholarship program is our major platform for promoting our vision and goals. The scholarship program awards scholarships to qualified individuals who are indigenes and residents of African countries, and have been offered admission to specific universities in Nigeria.

The David Oyedepo Foundation scholarship program is our significant idea for promoting our vision and objectives. The grant award is giving to qualified people who are indigenes and occupants of African nations, and have been offered admission to particular universities in Nigeria. David Oyedepo Foundation Scholarship for African Students 2018
The David Oyedepo Foundation

The DOF scholars program gives people the chance to gain a first degree at top schools in the African landmass. It gives people the chance to develop the administration possibilities that are so clearly ailing in the pioneers of our today’s society, through the yearly programs and community development activities.


Scholarship to be taken: at the Covenant University and Landmark University in Nigeria.

Field of Study: Any Courses at the undergraduate level are eligible.


The David Oyedepo Foundation Special Scholarship Award is open to Young Africans who:

  •     Are eligible to commence undergraduate studies in 2018.
  •     Are citizens and permanent residents of any African Nation
  •     Are not Nigerian citizens
  •     Are eligible to receive a Nigerian student visa
  •     Are proficient in oral and written English
  •     Have a record of exceptional performance at the secondary school level which is benchmarked by:
  •     70% recorded average or 3.5GPA/5.0 in Secondary/High School Transcript
  •     Already have begun admission applications to Covenant or Landmark University (Scholarships would not be awarded until proof of admission to Landmark University is provided at the end of the competition).
  •     In good health.
  •     Not already enrolled in undergraduate degree programs.

Selection Criteria: Selection panels will use the following criteria to evaluate applications (not in order of importance):

  •     A proven record of satisfactory scholastic ability
  •     Displayed financial need
  •     Outstanding character
  •     A proven record of leadership and community involvement.
  •     A commitment to influence home country with skills learned and capacities developed.

Scholarship Value:

  •     Full academic tuition as stipulated by school for selected course.
  •     1 round trip ticket throughout duration of study
  •     Monthly upkeep allowance

Duration of Program: The scholarship is for 4 or 5 years (subject to the university’s stipulated time for course completion).

How to apply: 

Read the application instructions and complete the online applications.

  • Applicants must submit the application form and all required documents stated on the web page.
  •     All essays and required submissions must be completed by the applicant. Under no circumstance is any third party expected to write essays on behalf of applicants.
  •     Each applicant must be available for online interviews that would be scheduled upon completion of application.
  •     Proof of Admission to Landmark University is required only at the point of award. Hence applications can be submitted before admission letters have been received.


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