Nigerian Young Entrepreneurs are invited to participate in the Business development summit organised by Business Development Network. Participants stand will surely have a lot to learn especially in the needed services in today’s expanding business world among other things.
Youthpreneur Business Development Network Business Summit Lagos, Nigeria 2017

The summit brings together innovative and ambitious youths to inspire and challenge one other in entrepreneurial approaches to the Nigerian economy. The summit focuses on capacity building, networking and mentoring for young entrepreneurs between 18 and 40 years.

The theme ‘‘Entrepreneurship: Creating Viable Solutions Through Innovations’’ was chosen to discover the need for enterprises in Nigeria to introduce revolutionary technologies and ideas that can create solutions to our numerous problems as a country.
Entrepreneurship has been largely encouraged as means of solving problems of unemployment in Nigeria in recent times. More young people are creating business ventures instead of roaming the streets in search of non-existent jobs. However, 80 percent of such businesses are unscalable and unprofitable.
There is a need to empower these businesses to become more innovative in their approaches to product development, business processes, and other valuable strategies.
#YBS2017  will create a platform for young entrepreneurs to learn from industry experts and successful but young entrepreneurs who have embraced innovative approaches in their businesses .Lots of inspiring speakers from Nigeria and Ghana will be at the event to share their entrepreneurial stories.
#YBS2017 will also create a platform for learning, action-provoking discourse, business pitch competition, product/service exhibitions, networking and business-to-business partnerships.
Click to apply for Youthpreneur Business Summit for a chance to take your business to the next level. 


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